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By Synthemescal

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OOC: Hey guys I’m going to be gone the next few days. My schedule got weirdly filled so I won’t be back on until sometime during next week!

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Never conjure where you carve, very important.

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Scottish Snow || Merida & Jack Frost



Merida’s heart pounded against her chest. She couldn’t tell if the boy was something she should be worried about. She panted slightly and foggy air released from her mouth clearly. Her eyes narrowed as she looked him up and down. He was barefooted in the snow. And he was wearing pants and some form of a shirt she had never seen before. Her heart pounded in her ears as she came to the conclusion that he was obviously not from around DunBroch or Scotland for that matter. She started to circle around him still keeping her arrow directly pointed at him. “Who are you?” She looked away enough from his strange clothing to see he was only carrying a staff. She lowered her bow but still had the arrow propped in her hand. “Where are you from?”

The hooded boy slowly moved his hands on top of his head to pull the hoodie down. Pulling his hoodie down the boy revealed his white as snow spiky hair. “Chill there, Red.” He remarked nicknaming the girl circling him without her permission. She’s got red hair so he thought why not? and not to mention he doesn’t know her yet. “Oh, me? Im Jack. Jack Frost.” He casually answered leaning on his wooden staff with a smug smirk. “Where am i from? hmm, let me see.” he looked over his shoulder. “somewhere over there, i think? i don’t really know where I’m from.” He answered looking back the the maiden with the same smirk.

Her brow furrowed and she placed a hand on her hip managing to hold the bow and arrow in one hand. “Red?” She watched the way he talked and leaned on his staff. Once he said his name she put the arrow back in her quiver and her bow around her shoulder moving some of her red curls out of the  way. Her head tilted and she replied, “That doesn’t really answer my question. I meant your homeland or where you were before you were here in Scotland.”  She sighed and figured since he’d told her his name she ought to tell him hers. “I’m-” She paused for a second as the thought of whether or not she should really tell the strange boy her name or not passed quickly through her mind. But she decided to anyway because she doubted he was any threat to her and even if he was she could definitely defend herself. “I’m Merida.”

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If I died in your arms, how would you react?



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"Snotlout! What are you doing here?" She teased lightly with a smile.

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"Hello there! What brings you ta DunBroch today?"

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